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Available Courses
 20th Century World History 12
 Accounting 11
 Active Living 11
 Active Living 12
 Anatomy and Physiology 12 {Biology 12}
 BC First Peoples 12 (SS)
 Calculus 12
 Career Life Connections 12
 Career Life Connections 12 (Valley Prep Program)
 Career Life Education 10
 Career Life Education 10 (Valley Prep Program)
 Chemistry 11
 Chemistry 12
 Computer Programming 11
 Computer Programming 12
 Criminology 12
 English 10 - Composition and New Media
 English Language Arts 11
 English Studies 12
 Entrepreneurship 12
 Family Studies 11 - Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11
 Financial Accounting 12
 Fitness and Conditioning 11
 Fitness and Conditioning 12
 Food Studies 11
 Food Studies 12
 Forensic Science 11
 Foundation of Mathematics 11
 Foundation of Mathematics 12
 Foundations/Precalculus Math 10
 French 10
 French 11
 French 12
 Grade 6 (Full Time 2019-2020)
 Grade 7 (Full Time 2019-2020)
 Grade 8 (Full Time 2019-2020)
 Grade 9 (Full Time 2019-2020)
 Grade 10 (Full Time 2019-2020)
 Independent Directed Studies
 Law Studies 12
 Life Sciences 11 {Biology 11}
 Marine Science 11
 Marketing and Promotion 11
 Mathematics 9 (out of district students ONLY)
 Media Design 11
 Photography 11
 Photography 12
 Physical and Health Education 10
 Physics 11
 Physics 12
 Pre-calculus Math 11
 Pre-calculus Math 12
 Psychology 11
 Psychology 12
 Science 10
 Science for Citizens 11
 Secondary School Apprenticeship 11
 Secondary School Apprenticeship 12
 Social Justice 12
 Social Studies 10
 Sociology 11
 Sociology 12
 Spanish 10
 Spanish 11
 Spanish Introductory 11 (for beginners)
 Textiles 12
 Tourism 12
 Veterinary Science 11
 Work Experience 12
 Workplace Mathematics 10
 Workplace Mathematics 11

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