Student Information

Enter 'none' if you do not have a legal middle name

Student Identification and Proof of Student's BC Address

Please upload a picture or scan of your ID and proof of address document from the list of accepted examples. Registrations will not be processed unless acceptable documents have been received.

  • All forms of ID must be valid and up to date.
  • Name, address, (recent) date and the type of document must be visible/readable.
Option 1: Submit a single document in the form of the student's driver's license or BCID.
A BC driver's license in the student's name, or a BCID (with current address and picture) will meet the requirements for BOTH student ID and proof of address.
Option 2: Submit one document for student ID and a second document for proof of student's BC address.
2a- Documents that can be accepted as identification for the student:
  • Student Birth Certificate
  • Student Passport
  • BCID or BC Driver's license
* You MUST submit a second document from section 2b as proof of (BC) address also.
2b- Examples of Proof of BC Residency: Submit one document from the examples below for proof of residency in BC. This can be in a parent or guardian’s name for school aged students. Name, address, (recent) date and the type of document must be visible/readable. You can cover other personal information if desired. Cell phone bills are NOT accepted. You MUST submit a document from section 2a for student ID also.
  • BC Hydro Bill
  • Fortis Bill
  • Lease or rental Agreement
  • Property tax notice
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement
  • Driver's License
Note: Acceptable file formats are... .doc, .pdf, .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpg

Format: YYYY-MM-DD



Enter the student's Personal Education Number (PEN)

Student's Citizenship

The Student is
Canadian citizen
permanent resident of BC
international student with a valid study permit
Family resides in British Columbia, Canada
Family resides outside of British Columbia, Canada



Course Selection

Please choose your courses from the below list (students can choose 2 courses).
Please scroll down to see more choices.

Available Courses
 20th Century World History 12
 Accounting 11
 Anatomy and Physiology 12 {Biology 12}
 BC First Peoples 12 (SS)
 Business Computer Applications 12
 Calculus 12
 Career Life Connections 12
 Career Life Education 10
 Chemistry 11
 Chemistry 12
 Computer Programming 11
 Computer Programming 12
 Criminology 12
 Digital Photography 11
 Digital Photography 12
 Elementary Program (K-5 Full-time)
 English 10 *Composition*(2 credits) (EN10 New Media must also be completed to graduate)
 English 10 *New Media* (2 credits) (EN10 Composition must also be completed to graduate)
 English First Peoples 12
 English Language Arts 11
 English Studies 12
 Entrepreneurship 12
 Family Studies 11 - Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11
 Family Studies 12 - Child Development and Caregiving 12
 Financial Accounting 12
 Food Studies 11
 Food Studies 12
 Forensic Science 11
 Foundation and Precalculus Math 10
 Foundation of Mathematics 11
 Foundation of Mathematics 12
 French 10
 French 11
 French 12
 Independent Directed Studies 11A
 Independent Directed Studies 11B
 Independent Directed Studies 12A
 Independent Directed Studies 12B
 Law Studies 12
 Life Sciences 11 {Biology 11}
 Marketing and Promotion 11
 Media Design 11
 Media Design 12
 Middle Years (6-8 Full-time)
 Physical and Health Education 10
 Physics 11
 Physics 12
 Pre-calculus Math 11
 Pre-calculus Math 12
 Science 10
 Science for Citizens 11
 Secondary (9-12 Full-time)
 Social Justice 12
 Social Studies 10
 Spanish 10 (take after Spanish 11 Introductory and before Spanish 11)
 Spanish 11
 Spanish Introductory 11 (for beginners, difficulty is similar to Spanish 9)
 Tourism 12
 Veterinary Science 11
 Workplace Mathematics 10
 Workplace Mathematics 11
 Youth Work in Trades 11 (In district only)
 Youth Work in Trades 12 (In district only)
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Cross Enrolled Students ONLY

This section is for students in grade 10-12 (only) who are, and will CONTINUE to attend a secondary school that is NOT AVS, while taking 1-2 additional courses at AVS

You MUST be attending a secondary school, other than AVS, as a full-time student while taking AVS courses. Please select the "Prev" button if the "Cross Enrolled Students" section does not apply to you.

If you have never attended another school in BC enter your catchment school.

Graduated Students and Non Grad Adults

This section is for Graduated Students and Non Graduated Adults, registering for Grade 10 - 12 courses.

Attention Graduated Adult Students:
An adult is anyone who will be 20 or older at any point during the current school year (July 1 - June 30).
Core courses commonly required for upgrading are free for graduated adults (BI, CHEM, PH, ENGL, and Math at the grade 11 and 12 level are free courses). Graduated adults registering for non ministry funded courses are required to pay a course fee of $550.00 per course. This is payable before the start of the course. You may pay with a credit card or debit over the phone if you email authorizing the charge, then call the office at 604-859-9803 to process the payment over the phone. Please call our office if you have a question about another specific course and funding.

Graduated Adults

Core Academic courses that are commonly required for upgrading are Ministry funded, and therefore tuition free for graduated adults.

Graduated adults registering for non ministry funded courses are required to pay a course fee of $550.00 per course. Most courses that adults request for upgrading are tuition free. After registration you will be sent a link requesting online payment if you are required to pay fees.

Tuition Free Courses for Graduated Adults
(Student must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and ordinarily resident of BC or fees may apply)
English First Peoples 12
Composition 11
English Studies 12
Life Sciences 11
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12
Physics 11
Physics 12
Workplace Mathematics 11
Foundations of Mathematics 11
Pre-Calculus 11
Foundations of Mathematics 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Calculus 12

Non Graduated Adults

Students who are 18 years of age or older have the choice of pursuing a regular BC Dogwood Diploma or a BC Adult Dogwood Diploma.

Adult Dogwood Diploma Information (20 credits/5 courses)

Students must be 18 or older to enter the Adult Graduation Program.

To receive the Adult Dogwood Diploma, students must complete 20 credits (five courses) that meet the criteria.
A minimum of three courses must be completed after they have entered the Adult Graduation Program. Two of the eligible courses can be courses completed before the student turned 18 years old.

To graduate with an Adult Dogwood, students must have:
  • A required Language Arts 12 course (4 credits).
  • A Math 11 or 12 course (4 credits); and
  • At least three additional Grade 12 electives, or a Grade 11 Social

Studies course and two additional Grade 12 electives (12 credits total) (Courses must be Ministry approved courses only)

BC Dogwood Diploma Information (80 credits/20 courses)

Adults who have previously earned most of the 80 credits required for a regular BC Graduation Diploma can still choose to complete the requirements and graduate with the standard BC Dogwood Diploma instead of an Adult Diploma. Any applicable credits that they earned previously in grade 10, 11 or 12 courses would still be valid.
Students choosing to pursue the regular BC Dogwood Diploma will be contacted by a counsellor to create a graduation plan before they are enrolled in courses.

Please note that students can apply to most colleges and universities in BC with an Adult Dogwood Diploma, but it is not equivalent to the regular BC Dogwood Diploma in all situations. Students applying to post secondary schools may be required to complete assessments or additional secondary courses to meet their entrance requirements and specific programs may also have additional requirements. Students should contact the Admissions office or check the website of the school or program that they are interested in to confirm the entrance requirements. AVS cannot advise students on the entrance requirements for post secondary programs.

Please select the type of Diploma that you wish to pursue:

Adult Dogwood Diploma (20 credits, 5 courses)
BC Dogwood Diploma (80 credits, 20 courses)
I need help to decide

An AVS counsellor will contact you to create a graduation plan after your registration is submitted.

Fully Enrolled K-12

IMPORTANT: Please note that the next section of this form is for students registering to attend AVS as FULLY ENROLLED students in grades K-12* only. Please note that students in grades K-9 can ONLY register at AVS as fully enrolled students.

Both continuing and New to AVS students should fill out this section IF all of the following are true:.

Is the student....
  • registering to be a fully enrolled AVS student in a Kindergarten - Grade 12 program?
  • going to attend AVS only and will not be enrolled at any other school while attending AVS?
  • school aged (Under 19 years of age)
Grade K-12 Distance (offsite)
Grade K-8 Home Based Learning (onsite 1 day/wk)
Grade 6-10 Fusion (onsite 2 days/week)

Please read the following statements carefully and select the statement that applies to you (the student)

*Fully Enrolled means AVS is the main school that you attend, and that you are taking the equivalent of a full-time course load, either online or offsite.

I am currently a fully enrolled* AVS student who is registering to return to AVS in a fully enrolled program for the
upcoming school year.

Returning students are required to re-register each year. Priority placement is given to returning students who pre-register, over new students. (Due dates TBA)

I am a new to AVS student registering for a fully enrolled* AVS program

New Students: please note that acceptance is contingent on space being available at the requested grade level/program, and administration approval. You will be contacted promptly regarding the status of your registration

Medical Information


Indigenous Ancestry


Student Support Services


Parent/Guardian Information - 1

(if different from student address)

Parent/Guardian Information - 2

(if different from student address)

Legal Information

The school cannot act on or engage in any type of custody situation unless a copy of a current legal agreement or order has been provided to the school.


Sibling Attending AVS

Enter the information of the oldest sibling currently attending AVS (if any)

Emergency Contact Information (Other than listed parents/guardians)

The people listed below are authorized to pick up your child at your request, or in the event of an emergency if parents/guardians cannot be reached.

Emergency Contact - 1

Emergency Contact - 2

Parent/Student Consents

AP 336-2 Request for Email Address Consent

Parent/Guardian Consent AP 336.2: By entering my name (parent/guardian name) in the following field, I confirm that I am a legal guardian of the student, and that I acknowledge this is the equivalent of my handwritten signature for legal or procedural purposes.
Legal first and last name†

AP 324-1 - Photograph/Video and Media Consent Form

Parent/Guardian Consent AP 324-1: By entering my name (parent/guardian name) in the following field, I confirm that I am a legal guardian of the student, and that I acknowledge this is the equivalent of my handwritten signature for legal or procedural purposes.
Legal first and last name†

AP 334 – Online Communications and Digital Learning

Parent/Guardian Consent AP 334-1:
Legal first and last name†
Student Consent AP 334-1:
Legal first and last name†

Please review your information before submitting your registration